Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Version 0.6 nearby

I almost got the final features of intipunku 0.6 running stable.
New features include:
- full support for geotagging
- browse photos on the map instead of a table
- improved appearence
- support for overriding system themes, like for the dust theme it will show a black toolbar
- when selecting multiple photos it will automatically configure a transitional background on gnome. In the settings you can configure the duration of each photo. Currently it only works on gnome, but KDE and others could be implemented later on.
- intipunku has become fully threaded. At first intipunku ran everything only in two threads, the main thread (interface) and a thread scanning your photos every 5 seconds. An activity manager has now been introduced that takes care of other threads. For example, you may want to continue browsing photos while creating a panorama, before that was not posible, now the activity manager just puts the panorama creation in the background. The same counts for uploading photos to picasaweb albums. Other functions still need to be recoded to use the activity manager.



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Alex said...

Can't wait for a Lucid version. Great software so far !