Monday, February 15, 2010


Geotagging is a feature that has been implemented in intipunku already for a couple of months. However, I never completed the feature. Currently, I have been made some good progress finishing geotagging and implementing a mapview. From the mapview, you can manage your photos just as in the map/tag view, however, you will be managing them from the earths map!

After completing the geotagging function, I believe it is time for intipunku to become mature. Intipunku is considerably the photomanager that offers the most amount of features any photo managing program has. However in some ways it has been unstable and features are not fine-tuned. Therefore it is now of great concern to improve this so that intipunku is ready to conquer the linux desktop. The community would be of great help, use the launchpad page to file feature request and bugs!

Intipunku runs also on win32 and osx (amazingly) however I decided due to time limitations that focus will now primarily go to linux. Linux is the only desktop people should run in the first place! Windows distributions of intipunku sometimes do not run on vista or windows 7 and I am not motivated to buy all these windows versions. The OSX gtk port is still unstable and does not integrate well with the system. The auther of the port has sort of stopped maintaining the project and therefore intipunku cannot rely on it anymore, maybe one day i will continue.

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