Friday, May 30, 2008

0.3 Pre 3

People, I suppose that this is the last pre version. I did basically all the features. Some important things, you can now use the viewer only with the intipunku-viewer command, it should also appear under nautilus. You can also use intipunku-import for the import wizard, in settings it can be configured as the default importer for cameras. Many other improvements have been done and such. Try it out on the download page.

Notice, I really need translators. The work is simple and not to hard.


tn said...

i can translate it to russian and ukrainian, but translations.launchpad said:

No translatable templates available

trunk does not have any strings to be translated through Launchpad.

Simon said...

The same for me, I can translate in french.

Mark Baas said...

This is fixed now. I finally got launchpad translatiosn fully operational. I have import french and russian.