Sunday, May 25, 2008

0.3 coming

The newest version of Intipunku is almost ready. I can almost say the program has changed completely. It has gotten more mature. It is more user friendly, more stable and more feature rich. I have added various filters than can enhance you photos significantly.
The project is up2date translated in English, Catalan, Spanish and Dutch, since nobody is helping me in the project i can only translate to the languages that i know sufficiently.
After 0.3 I will add more features and bugfixes, however i must say with the release of 0.3 the project base has been set.
Before the project was intended to be a clone of Picasa, however i feel that project has gone beyond the funcionality of any photo manager. Therefore i also work on port for windows, it is a pain it the ass, since Intipunku depends on various unix only programs. I did manage to create ports of all of them fortunately, including gphoto2!!!

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Dr.AKULAvich said...

I want translate IntiPunku into russian but I can't: "The IntiPunku project is not set up for translation in Launchpad."