Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Intipunku 0.4 final!

Intipunku 0.4 is out.

Many new features, more stability. What can I say Intipunku is maturing.

For debian and ubuntu users i have written a new installer. I may be a bit buggy, be sure to have no errors in the apt database and close all apt using programs. If it hangs, close it and try it again.

Mac users, this is the first release for Mac, please report bugs, on the issue page on the website there are instructions how to do this.

Thanks for everyone that have contributed to this release,



Keith Tilley said...

I've just started using Intipunku 4.0 on Ubuntu 8.10 and it's looking great. I like the interface and it looks good on a Gnome desktop.

It would be nice to see this developing quickly and I wish I knew enough to help. All I can do instead is offer a few comments on how I have got on so far:

1. It's great that I can leave my photos where they are in my folders, but only the top level of folders seem to be recognised. Any folders with sub-folders don't seem to be shown. Also the folders are organised by date, but I would like to have them sorted by name.

2. I can only add one tag at a time. I have to re-open the add/remove dialogue for each tag.

3. With the tags in the sidebar it would be more useful to be able to include/exclude more than one tag.

4. It would be nice to have an option to search by tag and filename, like in Picasa.

5. Organising photos would be easier with support for file operations such as 'move', 'copy', 'rename', etc.

So far this looks very promising. I have been using Picasa recently and this could be a good alternative in the future.

Intipunku said...

Hi keith, I have now implemented some of your feature request it is in the bazaar. The tags edit is changed completely, copy/move to other album now works with drag-drop.
Maybe i will implement a search option, if not in 0.5, sure in 0.6.