Sunday, October 12, 2008


Now in bazaar we have flickr support. Works good. Many people have requested this feature, so here it is.
It will be included in the 0.4 release.
The 0.4 release will not take so long anymore. Probably some of the features i promised earlier will not be included. Anyway, user-friendlyness, speed, extra features and os-independency will be improved


aviceda said...

Hi Mark,
Have just uploaded v0.4, looks very interesting.
Where do I find the 'flickr' (bazaar) tool?
Are there any plans to add 'keywords' or 'exif' info?

Intipunku said...

The title you give in the dialog is already one tag. Next in the program itself you can already add tags to your photos, I dont know whether flickr reads IPTC tags.

If you run ubuntu flickr can be installed automatically. If not you can find it here:

I also added a list of all download places on launchpad questions.