Monday, August 25, 2008

Thoughts for the 0.4

Been a while since i have done anything with the project. However, i'm currently planning features for the newest version.
For sure i will implement:
- Timeline like in f-spot
- Export to swf movie (you will be able to export to a swf slideshow, so you can put it on websites and stuff).
- Move default ajustments. Currently we have auto-contrast, equalize and sepia. This will be:
* Autocontrast
* Equalize
* Sepia
* Winter
* Summer
* Autumn
* And more i will come up with
- Ability to add comments to photos
- I will support more types, jpg, png, tiff, gif.

Is any feature missing please inform me!

1 comment:

a0peter said...

Hi, I just found this great little program today! I translated most of it to danish, and if you ever get time, it would be nice to import/export from/to flickr. I will spread the word about this program! Any news on 0.4?